We offer a range of quality products designed specifically for the oil and gas pipeline industry—from operations and critical-task training modules, to a web-based content and learning management system, as well as engineering standards and specifications to help you ensure your facilities meet or exceed all mandatory regulatory and industry design requirements.

All of our products incorporate both industry-leading best practices and the practices that have made Enbridge what it is today—a progressive, innovative, sophisticated and mature operating company that is an industry leader in safety, operational reliability and environmental performance.


Pipeline Operations Training Program (POTP)

Our Pipeline Operations Training Program (POTP) modules for gas pipeline are designed to instruct individuals in the knowledge and skills necessary to operate gas transmission pipelines.

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Critical Course Modules

Critical Task Modules (CTM)

Our Critical Task Modules (CTMs) are primarily designed to instruct individuals in the knowledge and skills necessary to perform common field operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks on pipelines, including pigging, corrosion control, routine inspections, pipeline maintenance, and various electrical and mechanical tasks.

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Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

Our comprehensive suite of O&M manuals provides the day-to-day procedures required for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of liquids and gas pipeline systems.

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Engineering Standards and Specifications

As part of our product offering, we provide engineering design standards and detailed specifications for equipment and materials that are procured by project teams for a company’s pipeline facilities.

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Rotary Tool

Rotary Cutter

The Rotary Cutter, designed by Enbridge Gas Distribution eliminates costly and timely underground plant repairs.

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